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Groothandelsprijs Boys For Pele (Deluxe) by Tori Amos DBiFjw46

  • Model: DBiFjw46
  • 2260 aantal op voorraad


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BRDisc 1BR1: Beauty Queen / Horses (Remastered)BR2: Blood Roses (Remastered)BR3: Father Lucifer (Remastered)BR4: Professional Widow (Remastered)BR5: Mr. Zebra (Remastered)BR6: Marianne (Remastered)BR7: Caught A Lite Sneeze (Remastered)BR8: Muhammad My Friend (Remastered)BR9: Hey Jupiter (Remastered)BR10: Way Down (Remastered)BR11: Little Amsterdam (Remastered)BR12: Talula (Remastered)BR13: Not The Red Baron (Remastered)BR14: Agent Orange (Remastered)BR15: Doughnut Song (Remastered)BR16: In The Springtime Of His Voodoo (Remastered)BR17: Putting The Damage On (Remastered)BR18: Twinkle (Remastered)BRDisc 2BR1: Hey Jupiter (The Dakota Version) RemasteredBR2: To The Fair Motormaids Of JapanBR3: That's What I Like Mick (The Sandwich Song) RemasteredBR4: Fire-Eater's Wife / Beauty Queen (Demo Version) RemasteredBR5: Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix - Radio Edit) RemasteredBR6: Sugar (Live)BR7: AlamoBR8: Talula (M&M Mix)BR9: Professional Widow (Merry Widow Version) Live RemasteredBR10: Frog On My Toe (Remastered)BR11: Hungarian Wedding Song (Remastered)BR12: Walk To Dublin (Sucker Reprise) RemasteredBR13: Toodles Mr. Jim (Remastered)BR14: Sister Named Desire (Remastered)BR15: Amazing Grace / Til The Chicken (Remastered)BR16: This Old Man (Remastered)BR17: SuckerBR18: Honey (Live) RemasteredBR19: Graveyard (Remastered)BR20: London Girls (Remastered)BR21: In The Springtime Of His Voodoo (Rookery Ending)