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BRDisc 1BR1: A Scottish Soldier Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR2: Donald Wheres Yer Troosers? Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR3: Nae Sae Bad Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR4: By The Lochside Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR5: Kissin In The Dark Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR6: My Hameland Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR7: Bonnie Lass O Fyvie Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR8: Cailin Mo Ruin-Sa (The Maid I Adore) Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR9: The 6.20 Two Step Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR10: Medley: Skye Boat Song/Rothesay Bay/Northern Lights Of Aberdeen Brand Sisters - Brand SistersBR11: Cock O The North Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR12: Soft Lowland Tongue Of The Border James Urquhart - James UrquhartBR13: Highland Laddie (Reel): Cairney Mount/Highland Laddie/Johnny Cope Ian Powrie & His Band - Ian Powrie & His BandBR14: (Wi Ma Big) Killmarnoch Bunnet Joe Gordon Folk Four - Joe Gordon Folk FourBR15: Para Handy Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR16: Bonnie Wells O Wearie Robert Wilson - Robert WilsonBR17: Will Ye No Come Back Again? Laura Brand - Laura BrandBR18: The Red House Reel/Persian Dance Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR19: Set Of Strathspeys: Lord Lyndoch/The Duke Of Gordon/Laird OThrums/Lady Ann Hope Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR20: Strathglass House: Mrs Muir McKenzies Favourite/Mr Sharpe Of Haddom/Fiddlers Joy Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR21: Gaelic Waltz Medley: My Home/Fairy Lullaby/The Tockerlass/Praise of Islay Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR22: Dashing White Sergeant Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR23: McNamaras Two Step: McNamaras Band/Mademoiselle From Armenties/The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR24: Deil Amang The Tailors: Deil Amang The Tailors/Lucky Scaup/Masons Apron Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR25: The Primrose Polka Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBRDisc 2BR1: The Heart Of Midlothian Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR2: The Road And The Miles To Dundee Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR3: Thats The Reason Noo I Wear The Kilt Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR4: When You And I Were Young Maggie Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR5: The Bonnie Lassie O Dundee Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR6: The Summer Road Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR7: The Muckin O Geordies Byre Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR8: Trip To Aberdeen (Jig): Braes Of Elchies/Drummond Castle/Locheils Welcome To Glasgow Ian Powrie & His Band - Ian Powrie & His BandBR9: Ye Banks And Braes Scottish Junior Singers - Scottish Junior SingersBR10: The Buchan Plooman Joe Gordon Folk Four - Joe Gordon Folk FourBR11: The Glasgow Highlanders Glasgow Police Male Voice Choir - Glasgow Police Male Voice ChoirBR12: Balloo Baleerie Brand Sisters - Brand SistersBR13: Back O Reires Hill Andy Stewart - Andy StewartBR14: Border Ballad Glasgow Police Male Voice Choir - Glasgow Police Male Voice ChoirBR15: Braes Of Busby Ian Powrie & His Band - Ian Powrie & His BandBR16: Wee Wee Hoosie By The Sea Robert Wilson With Ian Powrie & His Band - Robert Wilson and Ian Powrie & His BandBR17: Medley Of Harry Lauder Songs: I Love A Lassie/Saftest OThe Family/Just A Wee Deoch & Doris/Haste Ye Back Robert Wilson & Andy Stewart - Robert WilsonBR18: Bluebell Polka Jimmy Shand - Andy StewartBR19: McDonald Of Sleat/Dovecote Park/Andoc Songs Jimmy Shand - Robert Wilson & Andy StewartBR20: The Northern Lights Of Aberdeen (The Buchan Waltz) Jimmy Shand - Various ArtistsBR21: The Gay Gordons: The Dundee Military Tattoo/25th Kings Own Scottish Border Farewell Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR22: Waltzing To Jimmy Shand: My Bonnie/Wont You Buy Me Pretty Flowers/Peggy ONeill/Till We Meet Again/Wyoming Lullaby Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR23: Whistling Rufus Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR24: Scottish Country Dances: A Rosebud By My Early Walk/I Loed Nae A Lassie But Ane/Loch Rannoch Jimmy Shand - Jimmy ShandBR25: Memories Of Robert Burns:The Marches Jimmy Shand - Jimmy Shand